National dialogue

National dialogue on the theme of “Together and alone”

The topic of National dialogues in autumn 2023 is “Together and Alone”. What is the significance of communities and the future? What role do encounters play in our lives?

The dialogue days in autumn 2023 will be 10th October and 30th November . All organisations and communities are welcome to register as organisers. Organising a dialogue can benefit the discussion organiser’s own activities or organisation, for example in the form of new information and ideas. The organisers of the discussions will be offered an induction to the theme and be given support in the invitation process.

This autumn’s topic was selected by organisations actively involved in the activities of the national dialogues and who have also organised discussions during the spring 2023 season. The topic of the national dialogues must be one on which Finland needs a versatile understanding. The topic must involve a large group of citizens, it must not exclude any particular group of people, and a broader understanding of the topic must benefit the entire public administration.

National dialogues are a series of discussions to which different people and communities are invited to organise dialogues as extensively as possible . The purpose of the dialogues is to obtain information on the participants’ experiences and thus helps gain an understanding and up-to-date information on various social phenomena, challenges and opportunities. A summary will be drawn up of all the discussions that have taken place. The summary will be published after the round of discussions. The collected information will be compiled for everyone’s use, and it will be made available to central and local government.

How to get involved?

Participation is easy and does not require major inputs from the dialogue organiser. The most important thing is the desire to participate in Finland’s first National Dialogue.

Combine living the theme with a topic important to you, such as: “What does together and alone mean for people living in royalties/Kuopio/Espoo?”, “What does together and alone mean for our class/work community/early education centre for children/hobbies/older people?”

Registration as a dialogue organiser using this form.

Additional instructions for conducting the dialogue will be published in September 2023..

We will compile a list of the dialogues to be held in different parts of the country at the end of this page.

If you want to just participate in the dialgoue instead of organising a discussion yourself, you can check the list to find a suitable dialogue for yourself.

The aim is to have a large number of dialogues organised by different actors in different parts of Finland, where people can engage in diverse discussions about living in uncertainty, hear each other’s views and possibly learn something new about themselves and others.

The discussion can be held in one and a half hours, two or three hours, either face-to-face or remotely.

Welcome, join us!