National dialogue

Join the National dialogue on security and trust

The National Dialogues of the spring will be held on 10.4 and 23.5. We invite you to join us in organising a constructive discussion on safety and trust.

What does security mean to you? What creates insecurity and what creates trust?

The aim is to better understand the multiple experiences of insecurity and safety and the importance of trust in society of people living in Finland.

What matters to each one? What does security and insecurity mean to you, your community, organisation or as a decision-maker today, and how can we together build trust?

Finland is considered a country of high trust that has managed to pull together even in difficult times. However, many events around the world and in Finland are undermining our sense of security. There are new wars around the world, internal instability within countries will increase and natural disasters will increase. Finland is experiencing an uncertain economic situation, people fell that societal confrontations might be on the rise, people’s infirmity has increased and new threats have emerged within the country and at external borders.

How to get involved?

Participation is easy and does not require a major input from the discussion organiser. The most important thing is the desire to join.

  1. Combine security and trust with a topic that is important to you, such as: “What does security and insecurity mean for us in City of Rovaniemi/Espoo/Lahti and how can we together increase trust?”, “What does security and insecurity mean for our school class/work community/hobby district/older people and how can we together increase trust?”
  2. Advance registration as a discussion organiser by 10.4. on this form

A list of the discussions taking place in different parts of the country you can find at the end of this page and is updated along the way as registration arrive.

If you want to participate in the dialogue as a discussion participant instead of organising the discussion, you can look at the list of the dialogues to find a dialogue that suits you.

A summary of the discussions will be drawn up and published for open use by everyone. It is also submitted for use in public administration and decision-making.

The aim is to have a large number of dialogues organised by different actors in different parts of Finland. In these dialogues people living in Finland can engage in diverse discussions on safety and trust, hear each other’s views, lower boundaries between different views, insight new things, share observations and build trust together.

The discussion can be held for 2 or 3 hours, either face-to-face or remotely.

Welcome to join us! You’re needed!



• Specify a more detailed topic and advance registration as a discussion organiser by 15.2 on this form
• Book a space and possible catering or online meeting platform (eg. Teams)
• Invite participants
• Facilitate the dialogue
• Reserve a notetaker for the dialogue.
• Submit the exact recording of the discussion in Webropol on this form immediately after the discussion

Further information:

Katju Holkeri, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Finance
Tel. + 358 295 530 087, Katju. Holkeri (at)

Kai Alhanen, Director, Dialogue Academy
Tel. +358 40 572 0213, Kai.Alhanen (at)