What brings us together? – the theme of the national dialogues of autumn 2024 has been published

05.07.2024 / News

National dialogues are a series of open discussion events that offer a new way of social dialogue. The dialogues held this autumn will look for issues that bring people living in Finland together.

The Handbook of Democratic Encounters

19.12.2023 / News

Democracy must be continuously defended, strengthened, and renewed. This handbook is for people who wish to strengthen democracy through their actions or work.

Increased uncertainty in life, people worry about the future of the welfare state, 29.9.2023

19.12.2023 / News

The first round of National Dialogues in spring 2023 concentrated on the theme “living in uncertainty” which focused on issues and phenomena that cause experiences of uncertainty for people living in Finland. Most of the citizens who participated in the discussions feel that uncertainty has increased in their lives.